Omnova Unveils Omnabond™ Polymers For Nonwoven, Coating Applications

Fairlawn, Ohio-based Omnova Solutions Inc. – a developer and supplier of specialty chemicals,
emulsion polymers, and decorative and functional surfaces for a variety of applications – has
developed Omnabond™, a line of self-crosslinking styrene butadiene polymers for nonwoven, coating
and construction applications.

Omnabond products are available in a variety of glass transition temperatures, and may be
combined with external crosslinkers such as urea formaldehyde or melamine during processing. Omnova
reports the polymers offer an accelerated cure rate, thus reducing or eliminating the need for
external catalysts. The polymers also meet Federal Department of Agriculture regulations 21 CFR
176.170 and 176.180 making them suitable for contact with food products.

According to the company, Omnabond products offer increased wet and dry tensile properties,
colorfastness, adhesion to natural or man-made fibers, filler acceptance and caustic resistance
when compared to standard styrene butadiene emulsions. The company also reports its products
feature a lower level of formaldehyde when compared to other commercially available
self-crosslinking products.

Possible end-use applications include nonwoven towels, filtration media and wipes, as well as
commercial roofing binders.

April 21, 2009