Hohenstein Offers UV Standard 801 Testing

The Germany-based Hohenstein Institutes, US facility in Elon, N.C., now offers ultraviolet (UV)
Standard 801 protection testing for outdoor clothing, window treatment and shade structure fabrics.
Hohenstein’s test method exposes test fabrics to extreme environmental conditions and rates
performance before and after washing as well as during extended wear and use simulations. Products
tested earn a UV protection factor rating in a range from 0 to 80, with higher ratings indicating
better protection.

“People in the United States are becoming more and more attentive to the health and cosmetic
damage that can be done by UV radiation,” said Sam Moore, head of Hohenstein America Inc. “Children
are a particular concern since their skin has not fully developed biological defenses against UV
radiation. As a result, products that protect from the sun’s rays are gaining in popularity.
Certified UV protection is an important part of effectively marketing these products to concerned

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, skin cancer is the most common
form of cancer in the United States and can be prevented by reducing UV ray exposure through
seeking shade, covering the skin and using sunscreen.

The International Test Association for Applied UV Protection introduced UV Standard 801, the
most stringent UV certification process in the textile industry, in 1998. The test originally was
used primarily to test apparel, but now applies also to window and shade textiles.

April 28, 2009