Lectra Launches New Generation Of Lectra Fashion PLM

Paris-based Lectra — an integrated technology solutions provider for fashion and soft goods
applications — has created a new generation of its Lectra Fashion product lifecycle management
(PLM) software. Lectra Fashion PLM V1R5 offers increased functionality and user friendliness,
according to the company.

The enhanced Workflow Management application allows managers to make better-informed
decisions and gives them control over the development process with workflow alerts reflecting the
priority of products, collections or groups, offering an overview of the process with related
risks. Work schedules may be viewed at any time with a new feature in timetable management, and key
milestones may be updated to reflect real time progress. These schedule updates will recalculate
deadlines that may be affected down the line. Work may be assigned to specific departments based on
the time available to avoid slowdowns in the development cycle. The software also can analyze the
level of performance of each part of the process to optimize future development schedules for

New functionalities include a new tool for managing grading rules, which makes it easier to
create measurement tables; an advanced search option that allows the user to search for specific
articles at the SKU level; a to-do list, which helps users create and prioritize a pending tasks
list; and an expanded range of report templates for such details as fit, colors, technical
specifications and product process updates.

January 20, 2009