Zoltek Reports Successful Start-up For Mexico Plant, Record Sales

St. Louis-based carbon fiber manufacturer Zoltek Companies Inc. has commenced manufacturing
operations at its Zoltek de Mexico facility in Guadalajara. Zoltek acquired the textile acrylic
plant in October 2007, modified it to produce acrylic precursor — the principal raw material used
in carbon fiber production — and installed four continuous carbonization lines.

“The Mexico plant now enables us to meet anticipated major increases in demand in the wind
energy and other large emerging commercial applications,” said Zsolt Rumy, chairman and CEO,
Zoltek. “We have substantially increased our capacity to produce low-cost carbon fibers on a timely
and extremely cost-effective basis, and further extended our leadership in the growing commercial
advanced composite market.”

Zoltek announced it realized record sales for not only the fourth quarter 2008 but also the
full year, reflecting significant growth. According to company estimates, the Guadalajara facility
eventually could produce 60,000 tons of precursor material annually, supporting the production of
more than 27,000 metric tons of carbon fibers.

As part of its strategy to commercialize carbon fibers as a widely used building material,
Zoltek has expanded its management team, recentered its research and development programs, and
heightened its efforts to improve operations.

October 21, 2008