NCSU To Unveil Textile Fundamentals Learning Courses

Raleigh, N.C.-based North Carolina State University’s (NCSU’s) College of Textiles will launch its
new Textile Fundamentals distance education courses on October 21 at the Industrial Fabrics
Association International (IFAI) Expo in Charlotte. The textile classes will be conducted via the
Internet and will include instructor commentary, text, pictures, animation and video.

The courses — covering a wide range of topics such as fabric finishing, textile fibers,
fabric preparation and other topics — are targeted mainly to textile industry professionals, but
can be used by others as well, as the topics can be customized according to specific needs. NCSU
also hopes colleges that offer consumer science majors will utilize the classes to provide
supplemental information.

More information including a video about the program can be found at NCSU’s College of
Textiles website, located at

October 14, 2008