[TC]2 Introduces Avatar Creation Engine

Cary, N.C.-based [TC]
2 — a provider of technology development and supply chain improvement solutions for the
apparel, sewn products and related soft goods industries — has released a Human Avatar Engine (HAE)
for computerized applications that use human models.

Because [TC]
2 created the HAE using a statistical sampling of more than 10,800 previously scanned
human subjects, it is not necessary to scan every individual user. The engine can be accessed from
any location. The supply of 3-D scan data comes from [TC]
2’s SizeUSA human sizing project of the US population, which includes data from people
of varying heights, weights and ethnicities from ages 18 to 65 and older. The user simply enters a
small number of data points, and the engine generates an avatar that closely replicates that

According to [TC]
2, the HAE’s output is more realistic and human-like than parametric computer-generated
human models. It also can create avatars in any mesh density and incorporate joint rigging
locations for animation, enabling use in any online virtual world or software application that
employs human models.

September 23, 2008