James H. Heal Unveils Gyrowash 815/20

England-based James H. Heal & Co. Ltd. has introduced Gyrowash 815/20 for fabric colorfastness,
staining potential and durability evaluation under accelerated wash conditions using AATCC Test
Method 61. The new testing instrument has received AATCC approval, and also complies with ISO
Standard 105 and the requirements of such European retail stores as Marks & Spencer and NEXT.

Gyrowash 815/20 features a horizontal rotor that can hold up to 20 1,200-milliliter (ml) or
500-ml test vessels, or a combination of the two — five vessels on each of its four sides —
enabling testing according to both North American and European standards. The vessels have a Push
and Twist feature for quick and easy removal and replacement on the rotor. The high-grade
stainless-steel instrument is designed for continuous use in a wet environment, and the solvent,
chlorine-resistant vessel seals are suitable for all types of testing, according to the company.

April 15, 2008