Outlast Partners With Select Comfort Beds, Introduces New Coating

Outlast Technologies Inc., a Boulder, Colo.-based developer of phase-change materials (PCMs) and
applications, has partnered with Minneapolis-based Select Comfort Corp. for the inclusion of
Outlast® temperature-regulating technology in Select Comfort’s Sleep Number 9000 line of beds.

The bed’s pillowtop incorporates Outlast Adaptive Comfort® material to help reduce swings in
temperature. The bed also is covered in bouclé yarn, which transfers moisture and vapor away from
the sleeper while enhancing the capabilities of the Outlast material in the pillowtop.

“Taking a systemic approach to Outlast technology has been a concept we’ve advocated for
years,” said Guy Eckert, vice president, Outlast. “Select Comfort embraced this by adding mattress
pads and pillows with Outlast technology to its mattress collection. By layering Outlast technology
into the sleep system, they can now offer a solution for everyone from normal sleepers in search of
a more comfortable night’s sleep to thermally incompatible couples to women experiencing symptoms
associated with [menopause].”

In other company news, Outlast has developed its Matrix Infusion Coating application process
that finely prints an advanced formulation of Outlast microencapsulated PCMs onto flat fabric. The
process enables a business to cost-effectively add temperature regulation to fabrics already in
their product lines, according to Outlast.

The new coating can be used on almost any fabric, and is especially suitable for the active,
casual and sportswear markets that use polyester and compression fabrics. “It is the perfect
application for activewear,” said Mark Hartmann, technical director, Outlast. “It gives the
temperature regulation benefits of Outlast technology and the wicking capabilities of polyester. It
is like having a backup system for your active needs.”

September 5, 2007