Ironclad Signs Outsourcing Agreement With AMS

El Segundo, Calif.-based Ironclad
Performance Wear Corp., a designer, manufacturer and retailer of performance apparel and
task-specific gloves, has signed an outsourcing agreement with Advantage Media Services (AMS)
Fulfillment Inc., a Valencia, Calif.-based provider of warehousing, assembly and fulfillment

As part of the agreement, Ironclad next month will consolidate inventory from two separate
sites into AMS’s facility in the Los Angeles area. AMS will provide all warehousing, assembly,
packaging and fulfillment services. The move will occur around the same time Ironclad receives the
first inventory shipment of its new line of expanded performance-oriented work apparel, set to hit
retail shelves on September 1.

“Fulfillment is an integral part of our operations, and the move to outsource this function
to AMS Fulfillment will augment our infrastructure by providing scalable warehousing and improved
vendor compliance,” said Ed Jaeger, president and CEO, Ironclad. “As we transition from a glove
manufacturer to a true apparel brand, there is the potential to add another 7,000 to 10,000 retail
locations in our distribution network. The expanded capabilities afforded by outsourcing will allow
us to handle additional accounts, as well as strengthen our customer service as we move from
24-hour shipping to same-day shipping.”

Ironclad plans to convert its warehouse in Los Angeles to workspace for product development
and marketing, as well as a showroom.

July 24, 2007