PGI Increases Global Prices

Polymer Group Inc. (PGI), Charlotte,
has announced international price increases of between 3 and 12 percent for most of its converted
and roll goods products.

“Prices for our raw materials eased in late 2006, but have since increased steadily as the
capacity of our suppliers remains tight,” said Veronica M. “Ronee” Hagen, CEO, PGI. “We have been
managing some of the cost increases throughout the year. However, as certain raw materials have
seen dramatic increases in recent months, we are compelled to make necessary adjustments.”

The price of pulp-based materials such as viscose and petroleum-based materials such as
polyester, polypropylene and polyethylene have increased as much as 30 percent over the last six
months, according to the company.

June 19, 2007