Hills Develops Nanofiber Meltblown Fabric Technology

Hills Inc., a West Melbourne,
Fla.-based specialty fiber extrusion equipment producer, has developed technology to produce
meltblown fibers with an average size of 250 nanometers (nm) and a range between 25 and 400 nm.

Hills said its development of meltblown nanofibers grew out of the company’s development of
true bicomponent meltblown extrusion equipment. The company has used its patented
printed-circuit-style extrusion dies to produce the fibers from high-melt-flow-index polypropylene.
According to Hills, a hole count of 100 holes per inch and up and extremely high length-to-diameter
ratios enable production of these nanofibers at reasonable rates, and puts meltblown production in
the same size range that was previously the exclusive domain of multicomponent spinning or
electrospinning technology.

March 20, 2007