Lectra Introduces Easy Grading, Updated Fashion PLM

Paris-based Lectra, a developer of software, CAD/CAM equipment and related services for fashion
businesses, has released Easy Grading, an automated grading application that will be included in
the company’s PGS and Modaris pattern-design software solutions beginning February 2007.

Easy Grading — which has undergone testing in a variety of applications for men’s, women’s
and children’s wear in several global apparel-sector companies — utilizes conventional grading
methods through Lectra’s grading calculation tools, optimizing the grading process for
apparel-sector companies, and facilitating and accelerating grading activities by up to 70 percent,
according to the company.

The new system enables the user the select a graphical template from a user-customized
library, with grading information by product type. Once a measurement chart is selected, the user
loads the pattern pieces and automatically or manually positions them onto the template. Grading is
then performed with a click of the mouse.

“With this intelligent application, … grading of the majority of garments can now be
performed by anyone,” said Astrid Marlier, product manager for pattern-making and marker-making
applications. “Easy Grading enables fashion professionals to optimize grading activity and greatly
increase their productivity while capitalizing on the company’s knowledge and best practices. With
this innovation, grading takes only four clicks and a few minutes!”

Lectra also has released the latest version of Lectra Fashion PLM, V1R3. The totally
Web-based solution enables all those involved in a product’s life cycle to collaborate on the same
virtual version of fabrics and models. The latest version offers such improvements specific to
collection development process management as Workflow Management and Product Development

According to Lectra, Product Development enables rapid and precise synchronization and
management of multiple bids, prototype review and effective cost simulation that takes into account
a product’s multiple variants. Workflow Management organizes and controls collection project
activities, allowing close monitoring of collection development activities at various levels.

January 30, 2007