Cognis Honors Skintex® Team With Innovation Award

International specialty chemicals
supplier Cognis Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, has presented one of three 2006 Cognis
Innovation Awards to company employees who developed Skintex® encapsulation.

Developed three years ago, Skintex technology enables apparel manufacturers to treat their
products with microcapsules that contain active naturally derived ingredients that are released to
the skin at a controlled rate over a fixed amount of time, providing benefits that consumers can
feel. The award-winning team has developed this technology to the point where it can be
mass-produced in large batches. Skintex is already found in jeans, pants, underwear and T-shirts
produced by certain apparel makers.

“Many textile producers regard cosmetotextiles and medical textiles with added, long-lasting
functionalities as one of the most important products of the future,” said team member
Oliver-Daniel Bogatu, director, business development textile technology. “Our aim is to help them
open up new markets through specialty chemicals that combine health and beauty benefits. Skintex is
the first branded, effective technology that successfully allows manufacturers to create textiles
with lasting functionalities that consumers can really feel.”

January 30, 2007