Rieter Supplies Largest Pelletizing System

Germany-based Rieter Automatik GmbH,
a unit of Rieter Textile Systems, recently completed delivery of a M-USG automatic underwater
strand pelletizing system that features a 1,200 millimeter operating width for up to 152
3-millimeter-width strands, throughputs up to 20,000 kilograms per hour and a cooling length of 7
meters, making it the largest such system ever built, according to the company.

The system includes a SG 1200 strand die head with automatic start-up wiper; M-USG 1200 H
pelletizer with stand-by cutting head, diverting pellet conveyor line with double pumps for the
pellet water slurry; two CENTRO 2200 centrifugal pellet dryers; a set of spare parts; and system

October 31, 2006