BWW Launches Burlington Labs

Burlington WorldWide (BWW), a Greensboro, N.C.-based International Textile Group Inc. company that
provides and markets technology and fashion-driven products for certain apparel markets, has
established a new business unit, Burlington Labs.

“Burlington Labs will be our testing ground providing sustainable innovations and truly
unique solutions to our clients and partners,” said Ken Kunberger, president, BWW. “This
announcement is part of our strategic platform reinforcing our commitment to current reinvention
and contribution to the upcoming industry revolution.”

Gary Kernaghan, executive vice president, global business development, described the new
business unit as an “incubator for new technologies and associated textile applications.” All BWW
divisions will have access to the technologies, which also will be made available to other
companies for strategic applications.

“We are currently negotiating with several global partners for manufacturing, licensing,
branding and distribution,” he said.

BWW’s branded technologies include: Bio-guard® antimicrobial treatment; M.C.S.® Blocker
moisture control system with ultraviolet protection; Ultrex® waterproof, breathable, windproof
fabric, finishing and coating system; Xalt® waterproof, breathable, windproof composite system; and
Versatech® water-resistant, breathable, windproof fabric system.

The company also recently received exclusive worldwide rights to license and market Traptek™
cooling, anti-odor technology on woven products. The technology, voted one of the most amazing
inventions of 2005 by Time Magazine, embeds activated carbon derived from coconut shells into fiber
and yarn.

March/April 2006