[TC]2 Installs Stork Sapphire Printer In Demo Center

Cary, N.C.-based Textile/Clothing
Technology Corp. ([TC]2) has added a Sapphire II digital printer from The Netherlands-based Stork
Digital Imaging B.V. to its Demonstration Center. [TC]2 plans to use the printer in digital
printing demonstrations and production of InkDrop Boutique products.

The printer is suitable for high-quality sampling and production runs, and printing on
difficult media such as stretch fabrics, as well as on a wide range of man-made and natural
fabrics, according to Stork.

“We welcome the addition of this technology, and Stork as an associate member of [TC]2,”
said Jud Early, vice president and chief technology officer. “We look forward to working closely
with the Stork team to broaden the understanding and adoption of digital printing technology for
custom products.”

February 28, 2006