Quesenberry To Assume USTR Post

Scott Quesenberry, legislative
director to Senator Elizabeth Dole (R-NC), will assume the position of Special Textile Negotiator
in the United States Trade Representative office, effective December 5, 2005. Quesenberry is a
North Carolina native and a Capitol Hill veteran with an in-depth understanding of both policy
issues affecting the textile industry and the real life implications of these policies on
companies, the entire industry and its employees.

Quesenberry replaces David Spooner, who will now serve as Assistant Secretary of Commerce
for Import Administration. Spooner will have oversight responsibilities for the implementation of
textile agreements, including administration of the Department of Commerce Office of Textiles and
Apparel. The American Floor Covering Alliance (AFA) is hopeful that the US Senate acts as soon as
possible to confirm Spooner as Assistant Secretary of Commerce.

Both Spooner and Quesenberry face immediate and significant challenges as the US government
prepares for the upcoming Hong Kong Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization.
Quesenberry will take the lead on upcoming textile negotiations included in negotiations for free
trade agreements now underway between the United States and a number of other countries and

Quesenberry’s appointment was announced to attendees of the November 30 meeting of the
Industry Trade Advisory Committee for Textiles & Apparel. AFA looks forward to working with
Quesenberry as it continues to participate as a member of this committee and to work closely on
textile issues in the free trade agreement discussions. AFA hopes to invite Quesenberry to visit
Northwest Georgia to learn more about the carpet industry and its contributions to the US economy.

Press Release Courtesy of AFA

December 2005