INDA’s ITAB Issues Position Statements

The International Trade Advisory
Board (ITAB) of the Cary, N.C.-based Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA) has
released two position statements regarding global trade issues that may affect the nonwoven fabrics

“ITAB Support for All U.S. Free Trade Agreements” lists three factors the board will take
into account when considering whether to support any proposed free trade agreement that includes
the United States: ambitious market access obligations; industry-appropriate rules of origin; and
stringent intellectual property standards.

“Even though we have articulated these three requirements to US trade officials for some
time now, INDA’s ITAB wanted a statement that clearly spells out our negotiating objectives for
ongoing and future free trade talks,” said Peter G. Mayberry, director of government affairs, INDA.
“That is exactly what this document is intended to do.”

“Implications of Any New Country’s Entry into the WTO” is the ITAB’s response to the
expanding membership of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which is expected soon to admit Saudi
Arabia as the 149th member country and is considering applications from 30 other countries.
According to the statement, the ITAB will act as a channel to convey potential industry concerns
regarding the conduct of potential WTO members to US officials.

“The ITAB wholeheartedly supports efforts to expand the multilateral trading system,” said
Gonzalo Castro, chairman, ITAB. “Our only concern is that prospective members are held to the same
level of commitment with regards to things like market access, rule of law and intellectual
property rights that is expected of the United States and other existing members.”

The ITAB previously released position statements titled “Imbalances in International Fair
Trade of Nonwovens”; “Rules of Origin”; “Intellectual Property Rights”; and “WTO Negotiations and
ITAB Cooperation with other Industry Groups.” Copies of ITAB position statements may be requested
by contacting Jessica Franken

December 2005