Ciba To Sell Sawgrass Sublimation Imaging Inks

Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc.,
Switzerland, and Sawgrass Technologies Inc., Mount Pleasant, S.C., have signed a license agreement
whereby Ciba’s Textile Effects Segment will act as an authorized Sawgrass licensee to sell inks for
sublimation imaging on textiles.

“The digital sublimation market will have a higher value proposition as an outcome of this
Sawgrass and Ciba license agreement,” said Mickael Mheidle, head of New Business Applications,
Textile Effects Segment, Ciba.

In other Ciba news, two new dyes have been added to the company’s
CIBACRON® S range of reactive dyes for cellulose. Cibacron Red S-2G enables a
variety of deep brilliant red shades to be achieved, often with very little dye. Cibacron Dark Blue
S-GL, used for medium and deep blue shades, is suitable for end products requiring higher fastness
to light, chlorine and repeated laundering.

December 2005