Milliken Carpet Fuels Operation With Landfill Gas

Milliken Carpet, LaGrange, Ga., has
begun to replace a portion of the natural gas it uses to fuel its operations with methane harvested
from the community landfill operated by the City of LaGrange. As the landfill’s first customer and
a partner in developing the process, the company plans to purchase 80 percent of the landfill gas
produced to supplant 30 percent of the natural gas it currently uses.

“Methane burns cleaner and greener,” said David Beard, director of energy resources,
Milliken. “We looked at solar energy and other sources, but only methane had the power output
comparable to natural gas.”

“There is no downside for the community,” said Patrick Bowie, director of utilities, City of
LaGrange. “The net revenues will offset property taxes; less methane will be released into the
atmosphere; industrial customers will have a source of green energy; and the city is using the
landfill space much more efficiently.”

By implementing the methane conversion process, the city has expanded its landfill capacity
without increasing its footprint, saving money and time as well. The current program is expected to
be effective for 25 years.

October 2005