Dracup Presents Selvedge Jacquard Sample Machines

England-based Dracup (UK) Ltd. recently unveiled its new-generation
HS2000 Selvedge Jacquard machine and its upgraded Sample Master Weaving Machine.

The HS2000, used to produce names and other design elements, is horizontally end-mounted on
the weaving machine and offers high-speed operation, according to the company. Features include
electronic selection, and a standard lift range from 60 millimeters (mm) to 90 mm, or an optional
range from 120 mm to 180 mm using a double lift unit. The machine may be driven via mechanical
linkage from the host weaving machine or via an independent drive system using an electronic
resolver to control its own servo motor. The Dracup Loom Controller automatically monitors and
synchronizes the jacquard and the host machine. The Sample Master enables speedy sample weaving and
style changes, and uses the jacquard harness to weave both complex and dobby designs. The upgraded
version produces striped fabric samples more quickly than the previous one, the company reports.
The Dracup CAD (computer-aided design) system used to develop and modify patterns allows them to be

October 2005