INVISTA Makes Headway In Waste Emissions Reductions

INVISTA Interiors, Kennesaw, Ga., manufacturer of ANtrON® nylon carpet fiber, has announced
several initiatives to reduce waste and emissions and assist others in following suit.

The Invista Carpet Reclamation Center in Calhoun, Ga., now accepts carpet from all commercial
dealers and claims to offer the only nationwide carpet reclamation program that recycles all types
of carpet. The facility has collected more than 100 million pounds of carpet and has cut landfill
waste by more than 370,000 cubic yards. The reclaimed carpet can be recycled back into feedstock
for resins used in engineered nylon products.

In related news, Invista has made available at two free on-line tools
that enable carpet specifiers to assess the environmental benefits of using carpet made with Antron
nylon. The Environmental Impact Calculator, based on Antron’s proprietary Total Environmental
Index, considers global waste and emissions; use of nonrenewable raw materials and energy; health
and safety impacts of manufacturing, transportation and installation of products; and value
recovery. The Antron Carpet Reclamation Calculator measures landfill, energy and water savings
realized by recycling carpet. In the area of emissions reduction, Invista donated climate change
emission credits to the Leonardo Academy, an energy efficiency and environmental improvement
advocate, to offset emissions from energy used at the 2004 US Green Building Council Greenbuild
International Conference and Expo, held recently in Portland, Ore. Invista also donated credits to
offset emissions caused by the 2004 EnvironDesign8 conference and all 2004 Antron-sponsored
customer seminars. In all, the company donated nearly 18 million pounds of climate change credits
in 2004.

January 2005