Stäubli WPS Marks 10 Years

Switzerland-based Stäubli AG recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of its acquisition of the
Weaving Preparation Systems (WPS) division of Zellweger Uster. Stäubli took advantage of the
occasion to review related company developments.

Since the acquisition, Stäubli has integrated WPS into its Textile Machines Division. The
product range has grown with the debut of automatic drawing-in machines in its Delta line for
weaving harnesses; further development of Topmatic warp-tying machines; expansion of the line of
Uni-Link system components for warp and harness handling and transport, including the Uni-Therm
yarn-setting machine; and the introduction at ITMA 2003 of the Opal automatic leasing machine for
the handling of multiple sheet layers.

November 2004