ITG Selects Porini EERP Solution

Greensboro, N.C.-based International Textile Group (ITG) has selected Italy-based Porini S.r.l.’s
Extended Enterprise Resource Planning (EERP) solution to manage its operations. The solution
includes: G-TeX for sales support, order management, production management, purchasing and
distribution; visual planning and scheduling tools for production capacity and resource utilization
optimization; and the Collection Development System for product development calendar, product data
management/product specification and costing management.

“The inherent flexibility of [Porini’s] systems will enable us to operate each business unit
with the appropriate tools, on a common application platform,” said Barbara Sorkin, vice president
and chief information officer, ITG. “Furthermore, we have found Porinis spirit of collaboration and
partnership a great fit for us as we focus on distinguishing our business in new and innovative

September 2004