Van De Wiele Develops Loop-Pile Weaving Machine

Van de Wiele DevelopsLoop-Pile Weaving MachineBelgium-based NV Michel Van de Wiele has added the
new Carpet Loop Pile weaving machine, CLP81, to its product line. To create the CLP81 weaving
machine, Van de Wiele modified its face-to-face CarpetandRug Tronic CRT82 machine to make it
possible to weave loop-pile carpet.The double rapier machine can weave long or short loops;
high/low sculptural effects; or, when equipped with an electronic jacquard machine, names or
company logos all at high speeds. If the gauges are left out, the machine can also weave sisal-look
carpets.The CLP81 can weave man-made and natural yarns, including polypropylene, polyamide, cotton
and wool.
February 2002