ATME-I Decision Reached

After two years of deliberation, the co-sponsors of the American Textile Machinery
Exhibition-International (ATME-I), the American Textile Machinery Association (ATMA), Falls Church,
Va., and Textile Hall Corp., Greenville, S.C., have resolved the issues of show frequency, format
and venue.ATME-I 2004 will be a consolidated show, held in the fall in Greenville. The following
installment of the show will take place in Atlanta in 2006. There will be no more two-part or split
shows, and the number of shows between now and 2009 has been reduced from four to two.ATMA and
Textile Hall hope this approach will blend tradition with a broader base to maintain pace with the
rapidly shifting profile of global exhibitors and Western Hemisphere fiber, textile and apparel
producers, and their many sub-sectors.