EcomTextile Com Escrow Com Form Alliance

EcomTextile Inc., Fullerton, Calif., recently established an alliance between, the
companys Internet global marketplace, and, an affiliate of Fidelity National Financial
Corp. and Micro General Corp., Irvine, California.The site will include Escrow.coms transaction
management and escrow services, including its trust accounting technology, and will allow buyers
and sellers of textile-related activities to transact business electronically.Having secured our
alliance with, we are pleased with the high degree of cooperation, said John C. Adams,
CEO, Our strategic alliance with allows us to offer the trust and
security our users demand as well as on-line protection to avoid fraud.As the business-to-business
market continues to expand with new buyers and sellers, secure transaction management is essential,
said Brian Mulford, chief technology officer (CTO), Our alliance with
provides buyers and sellers with secure and reliable escrow solutions and validates the important
role will play in the future of Internet commerce.

September 2000