TrendWatch Introduces Report On Textile Apparel Market

TrendWatch, Harrisville, R.I., has developed a new report for aiding technology firms in strategic
analysis of the textile and apparel industry.Published annually, the report will help executives
shed light on this industry and identify market segments, competitors, investment trends and market
opportunities.While design professionals may use similar tools, each market has a unique structure,
workflow, economic factors and expectations about how those resources are best used, said Dr. Joe
Webb, TrendWatch partner.Information is detailed by marketing and type of business, size of
business, geographic region and major investment categories.Discussion and analysis of the
challenges facing these businesses, their investment plans and technology threats will be included.
This report will collect the basic data that has been unavailable, as well as add insight to the
changing industry dynamics, said Alison Hardy, owner of FabriCAD and collaborator with TrendWatch
for this report.Bringing this kind of research to the textile and apparel markets will also result
in a Demographic Atlas and Market Segmentation Guide, which will provide managers with the
necessary statistical background and market sizing information to make strategic and tactical
decisions. The number of design businesses by zip code or major metropolitan area as well as
estimates of annual shipments will be included.

August 2000