Synthetic Shaw Awarded Patent For SoftBac Carpet

Synthetic Industries, Chattanooga, Tenn., and Shaw Industries, Dalton, Ga., were awarded a U.S.
patent for the invention of SoftBac carpet, a collaboration of both companies.The patent was given
for a composite fabric consisting of a woven scrim combined with a fiber batt. It also covers the
method for manufacturing the carpet. The object of the invention is to provide a modified secondary
carpet backing that will increase the delamination strength and dimensional stability of the
carpet, as well as block the latex or other adhesive from exuding out of the back of the carpet.The
physical properties of SoftBac carpet are second to none, said Carey Mitchell, director of
technical services, Shaw. To date, we have yet to find a carpet system that offers the same
dimensional stability, is as easy to work with and that is as consumer friendly as SoftBac.

August 2000