Johnston Consolidation To Benefit Customers

Johnston Industries, Columbus, Ga.,
has consolidated its Greige Fabrics Division and Finished Fabrics Division under one operation
known as Johnston Industries (JI) Fabrics.

The JI Fabrics operation will consist of the company’s Opp Mill, Micolas Mill, Columbus
Mill, Southern Phenix Textiles, Shawmut Complex and TexTest. Harold Harvey has been named president
of the operation.

Clark Ogle, president and CEO, Johnston Industries stated: “We believe this consolidation of
operations will be beneficial to our customers. By combining our textile assets, our diverse
production capabilities will be made available to all our customers.

“This move made sense for several different perspectives. It will enable us to better serve
our customers and will also add to our bottom line. Harold Harvey has a broad range of
international business expertise and we believe he will be able to expand the international
presence for our fabrics through his leadership.”

Ogle continued: “Initially there will be little impact on our day-to-day operations though
our customers should see a transformation in our sales efforts as we better utilize our broad
production capabilities to meet their individual needs.”

“Over time, we expect to see increased efficiencies and far-reaching changes as we continue
out evolution as a customer-focused organization,” said Ogle.

February 2000