Cotton Incorporated Debuts New Media Campaign

Cotton Incorporated, New York, has unveiled a new outdoor media campaign featuring images from its
award-winning Fabric Of Our Lives® IV television spots.According to the company, stills taken from
the ads will be displayed in phone kiosks, as well as wallscapes and wild postings throughout New
York.Also, a back-to-school program will feature the images in multi-media displays, including
posters and postcards, on 500 college campuses nationwide. In November, the campaign will be put
into 51 major malls across the United States.There is truly a buzz of excitement about the Cotton
(Incorporated) commercials with consumers and in the textile industry itself, said Richmond S.
Hendee, vice president, marketing services, Cotton Incorporated. Our research shows that the
campaign is having an enormous impact with all age groups. So we decided to spin it out with this
out-of-home effort using posters, billboards, postcards, wallscapes and wild postings. What were
attempting to do is take advantage of the buzz weve already created with our TV campaign and, if
possible, add even more.

October 1999