Walking The Halls At ITMA

In this final series of preview articles on ITMA 99, ATI takes a look at other key exhibitors in
Paris.A-FATI (Americas Textiles International magazine, with Fiber World and Knitting/Apparel),
Atlanta, Hall 1 Stand D 01, will have available copies of its April and May issues featuring
extensive information on ITMA 99. Also at the same stand will be the ATI Directory (The Textile Red
Book) and
Textiles Panamericanos magazine.Babcock Textilmaschinen GmbH, Germany, will exhibit in
Hall 3, Stand B 42 and Hall 3, Stand D 41.Loris Bellini S.p.A., Italy, Hall 6, Stand A 39, will
show the new Robodye 2000, along with new developments with circulation pumps, variable load and
coupling systems and new dyeing machine developments.Electro Jet SA, Spain, will exhibit in Hall 1,
Stand G 12.Ferrostaal Inc., Spartanburg, S.C., Hall 7/2, Stand B 30, will exhibit many established
and new knitting related products. Some new products will include the SP145 plain plush/terry
circular knitting machine and the UCC4F548 4 computer controlled jacquard double knitting machine.
The company will also introduce the S296-1 4-track high performance single-knit circular knitting
machine.G-JGarnett Controls Ltd., Great Britain, Hall 2/1, Stand D 15-19 will exhibit their latest
range of fiber weight control systems, including the Rollaweigh feed control system. The company
will also be showing their new control systems.GneuKunststofftechnik GmbH, Germany, will introduce
the RSFgenius, a new addition to its rotary filtration systems for the fiber industry.The universal
range of use, the fully automatic operation as well as the pressure consistency gives this
screenchanger type a unique status on the world market.Gualchierani, Greensboro, N.C., will exhibit
in Hall 1, Stand E 21 and Hall 6, Stand A 47a.James H. HealandCo. Ltd., Great Britain, Hall 7/3,
Stand K 05, will display several new testing machines, including the Titan bench-top
tester.Hollingsworth on Wheels, Greenville, S.C., Hall 2/1, Stand B 19, will exhibit machinery and
equipment provided to the weaving and nonwoven industry.ICBT International, France, Hall 1, Stand D
10, will exhibit a range of machinery for the spinning industry including the CDDT 510 ST E for
direct cabling machine for carpet yarn. For the nonwovens industry the company will show the
JETlace2000 and AIRjet2000, and for the weaving industry it will exhibit a PROTON JACQUARD
machine.INVENTA-FISCHER GmbH, Germany, Hall 2/1, Stand B 39, will exhibit fibers for the textile
industry. INVENTA-FISCHER is the new name for the former EMS-INVENTA, Switzerland, and KARL FISCHER
Industrieanlagen of Germany, after the two companies merged.K-PKrantz Textiltechnik GmbH, Germany,
Hall 3, Stand B 42, and Hall 3, Stand D 41 will have a joint stand with MOENUS AG, according to the
company. The company will display developments in the finishing industry. Among these will be the
K-30 single layer stenter and the Syncro-Double multilayer shrink dryer.Neuenhauser Maschinenbau
GmbH, Germany, will exhibit in Hall 5, Stand B 39.Pierret Inc., Spartanburg, S.C., will exhibit in
Hall 1, Stand D 09.OCTIR Nonwoven Machinery Group, Germany, Hall 1, Stand H 07, will be exhibiting
with Houget Duesberg Bosson (HDB) several nonwoven machinery. Among these are the HERCULES CLO 2P
worsted card, the HMG WA 2000 auto leveler, the CBP woolen ring frame and a HBC nonwoven
line.Osthoff-Senge GmbHandCo. KG, Germany, Hall 3, Stand 40a, will exhibit a range of textile
machinery. Among the machines on display are the UNIVERSAL singing machine, the SENG-MATIC
programming unit, the VIbrA-PLUS fabric cleaning device, the VARI-JET singeing machine, the OGS
2000 yarn singeing machine, the TS 9000 flame shearing machine and the HAMSAT hairiness measuring
machine.The company will also show its new the KAT exhaust air cleaning machine.PLEVA GmbH,
Germany, Hall 7/3, Stand L 12, will exhibit two new machines, the SD 1, a structure detector for
textile fabrics, and the PR 3, a residual moisture meter. The company will also show the latest
versions of its existing product line.PSP Marketing, Charlotte, N.C., No Stand, a textile machinery
and equipment distributor will be in the booths of its customers throughout the show.S-ZStork
Textile Printing Group, the Netherlands, Hall 7/1, Stand C 02, will exhibit new and known machinery
for textile printing. It will show a number of machines including the CSP scanner/plotter, the TCP
digital sampling printer and the Zircon digital polyester printer, which are known machines.Among
the new machines on display will be the CFT coating and finishing machine, the Amethyst fixation
unit, the Pegasus Twin Drive and the Multibeam LEX laser exposer.SYMTECH Inc., Spartanburg, S.C.,
will exhibit in Hall 1, Stand C 01. The comapny is a major textile equipment and machinery
distributor.TEXParts GmbH, Germany, Hall 2, Stand C 27c, will be showing its new drafting system PK
3000 for short stable-ring frames. It will also show improved roller from the LP 1000 series, and
improved spindle bearing of the CS 1 series.
Textiles Panamericanos magazine, Greenville, S.C., Hall 17, Stand C 02, will have
available copies of its March/April and May/June issues with extensive reports and information on
ITMA.Also at the same stand will be ATI (Americas Textiles International magazine) and the ATI
Directory (The Textile Red Book).Truetzschler GmbHandCo. KG, Germany, Hall 4, Stand D 44, will
operate a stand with Dilo, Spinnbau and Autefa. The company has made several innovations in the
nonwovens industry, especially with its new tuft feeder called the SCANFEED.Zweigle
Textileprufmaschinen GmbHandCo. KG, Germany, Hall 7/3, Stand G 03, will exhibit eight new
developments. These new developments include the OASYS® fabric simulation system, the fully
automatic twist tester D 304, the stick-slip friction tester F 460, the F 427 strength tester, the
LABTEXDATA 2000, the fast count system N265, the µ-Meter G 534 and a sample card winder V
May 1999