NCC Initiates Program To Spur Producer Involvement

At its recent 60th anniversary meeting, the National Cotton Council of America (NCC), Memphis,
Tenn., initiated a new program designed to increase cotton producers’ understanding of the Council
and its policy development and implementation process.As part of NCC’s new Policy Education
Program, 13 cotton producers from across the Cotton Belt have begun an intensive orientation and
educational process.In addition to an overview of the Council’s organizational structure, mission
and policy development process, the group was briefed on issues facing the industry and on the
programs and activities addressing the Council resolutions that will support its mission.The
producers were also given insight into activities of the American Cotton Producers, The Cotton
Foundation and the Council’s export promotions arm, Cotton Council International (CCI).”Many
members fail to recognize the benefits of membership until there are opportunities to become
specifically involved in the Council structure,” said Phillip Burnett, Council executive vice
president.”That involvement could range from serving as a state delegate or an issue task force
member to being elected as a Council director or officer.”Burnett said the program is designed to
enable Council producer members that are not involved in the organization’s structure to become
much more familiar with its policy development process, its leadership roles and the interaction
between Council leaders and industry members in carrying out the Council mission.

March 1999