Americhem’s Sustainability Journey: Surpassing Milestones And Forging Ahead!

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio — October 9, 2023 — Americhem Inc. has launched a global campaign called “Americhem, a Sustainability Enabler.” This campaign aims to increase awareness of sustainability and help key business stakeholders achieve their sustainability goals.

“At Americhem, sustainability is our driving force. We are dedicated to creating a better tomorrow through our eco-friendly masterbatch and compounding solutions,” said John Richard, Americhem’s CEO. “Our mission is clear: minimize environmental impact, promote social responsibility, and foster innovation.”

Americhem is focusing its sustainability efforts in three areas: Process, Product, and People. In the past few decades, the company has achieved many milestones in these areas. One example is Americhem’s Denmark plant which pioneered a Cold Pounding technology that reduces energy usage by up to 85 percent and cuts emissions by up to 20 percent in comparison to conventional compounding processes. The facility is also powered solely by wind and solar energy from RECs Certified suppliers. In the United States, Americhem is recognized as an Operation Clean Sweep® member, with many sites having pledged to achieve zero resin pellet, flake, and powder loss to help keep materials out of the marine environment. In addition, Americhem’s plants embrace recycling-compliant packaging, collaborating with customers for the reuse of packaging materials including plastic drums.

Sustainability Triangle featuring Americhem technologies.

On the product front, Americhem has developed numerous technologies that empower customers to attain their sustainability objectives. Solution Dyeing, a technology used in the carpet and textile production processes, eliminates the need for excessive water usage and reduces carbon emissions significantly compared to traditional dyeing processes. Americhem’s flagship additive masterbatch nBalance® allows Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials, which have a yellow tint, to be restored to PET PCR that visually mimics virgin PET. This technology has been widely adopted by the food packaging industry, as it maintains the visual appeal for products like water bottles by ensuring clarity, while enabling recycling and enhancing sustainability. Americhem also offers natural-based color and additive masterbatch for the garment, renewable energy, and consumer goods industries.

Americhem recognizes the significance of creating a sustainable environment for both its employees and the communities it serves. The company has been taking significant steps in its dedication to People Sustainability. By encompassing measures to enhance employee well-being through safety and health initiatives, fostering higher employee engagement through senior management efforts, contributing to charitable causes, and actively participating in volunteer activities, Americhem has noticed an overall increase in employee satisfaction.

Looking ahead, Americhem is committed to making bigger strides in its sustainability journey. In addition to continuous improvement in manufacturing processes, the company plans to further enhance its product portfolio to include sustainability features in most products, develop new product lines for physical and chemical recycling applications, and establish ongoing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Carbon Footprint Analysis on all products. While the campaign unfolds, the company plans to consistently provide updates on its advancements to key stakeholders and the broader public.

Posted: October 9, 2023

Source: Americhem