AGC Chemicals And DRYFIBER To Market Non-Fluorinated Oil/Water Repellent For Textiles And Carpets

EXTON, Pa. — February 9, 2023 — AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. (AGCCA) announces a joint development agreement with DRYFIBER LLC to commercialize a new oil/water repellent technology. DRYFIBER coatings are a non-fluorinated repellent for woven and nonwoven fabrics. When applied to fabrics and carpets, the coating repels many types of stains and oils.

The DRYFIBER polymer chemistry was developed by Cornell University. When a thin polymeric coating is applied to textiles, it imparts a microscopically rough texture that creates a chemical barrier. The coating resists stains from oils while maintaining the fabric’s feel and softness. Fluids bead up on the treated fabrics and carpets so they can be easily cleaned.

DRYFIBER coatings are ideal for industrial fabrics, apparel, upholstery, automotive textiles and carpets. They can be applied as a dip or spray-coated, and they serve as a high-performance alternative to fluorinated repellent technologies.

“The joint development is strategic for both AGCCA and DRYFIBER,” noted Mario Vincenzini, material technology manager, chemicals, AGC Chemicals Americas. “We can provide the technical expertise required to optimize product performance, which pairs well with DRYFIBER’s commercial relationships and market presence.”

“The textile market has shown great interest in adopting our non-PFC technology to deliver water and oil repellency as a drop-in solution,” said Greg Lucci, founding partner of DRYFIBER. “AGC is an ideal partner for us because their knowledge and experience are key to the further development and commercialization of DRYFIBER’s technology.

Posted: February 9, 2023

Source: AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. (AGCCA)