Baldwin Showcases Market-Leading Corona Treatment Solutions at K 2022

DÜSSELDORF, Germany — October 19, 2022 — Baldwin Technology Co. will showcase a selection of its cutting-edge corona treatment, spraying and surface-cleaning technologies at K 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany, October 19-26. The highest-quality systems of their respective types on the market, the Corona Slim/Extrude, FilmCylinderCleaner™ and Rotor Spray units will be on display in booth D53, hall 11.

“The market remains strong despite all of the global uncertainty, which means our customers have a lot on their minds — be it paper prices, supply chain uncertainty, constraints, inflation,” said Oliver Jentschke, Baldwin’s vice president of sales, Europe.

“We are excited to be able to welcome people to the Baldwin booth and show how we can help meet these new requirements and make life a little easier for our customers. Industry 4.0, the increasing shortage of skilled workers, smaller production lots and the growing pressure on the market are topics that we would like to work on together with our customers and we will show our solutions at K-Show. In addition to presenting information, we are happy to provide a space where printers can stop by to recharge, relax, and meet our team.”

Baldwin will feature its FilmCylinderCleaner, an automated system that cleans the cylinders used in the film extrusion process, using a cloth-roll-based cleaning apparatus that spans the width of the extrusion web. This is paired with the Rotor Spray system that also spans the width of the web, which precisely applies cleaning detergent to the cloth.

Available in 3,000 mm and 6,000 mm widths, the FilmCylinderCleaner features a touchscreen panel, which enables easy operation of the various programmable cleaning modes, including continuous, periodical and manual-on-demand. Automating the cylinder-cleaning process eliminates risk of damage to the cylinder, improves worker health and safety, and allows for increased uptime as production will no longer need to come to a halt to complete the cleaning cycle. This combined with unmatched support and service from Baldwin’s team of engineers offers near infinite flexibility to suit a variety of needs.

Also showcased at K 2022 will be Baldwin’s Ahlbrandt Corona Slim/Extrude and Rotor Spray units, the leading brand of corona treatment systems to the print and film extrusion industries. The highly energy-efficient corona system increases the surface energy of materials like plastic films, papers and foils, and the top-of-the-line performing electrodes ensure enhanced ink and glue adhesion. leading to flawless printing and laminating results.

Baldwin’s Ahlbrandt premium-quality German-made systems are also used in converting, narrow-web flexography, parts manufacturing and a host of other applications. For years Ahlbrandt corona systems have been the proven standard solution for the surface-wide handling of plastic films, metallized films, paper and textiles in Europe.

“The biggest differentiator of the Ahlbrandt Corona treatment systems is how we use four electrodes instead of the common ‘2-up’ design,” said Alexander Rau, Baldwin’s Ahlbrandt Product Manager. “Since it requires only one housing, the electrodes can be changed in just a few seconds, maximizing production uptime while at the same time dramatically improving treatment results.”

Rounding out the suite of surface-cleaning technologies is the Rotor Spray application system — an effective solution for uniformly applying liquids to papers, films and fabrics on web lines. Using rotary disks to achieve this uniformity, coatings and chemicals such as anti-fog or anti-static solutions can be applied to one or both sides of the film, and different liquids can be used on each side of the web.

The Rotor Spray system is simple to operate, offers low maintenance costs, and is available in spray widths as wide as 5,500mm.

Fueled by 100 years of innovation, Baldwin supplies new equipment to consumers, maintains and services existing equipment with quality replacement parts and provides highly engineered consumables and engineering services, including upgrades and retrofits in addition to regular maintenance.

To learn more about how Baldwin can future-proof your film and extrusion operations, visit booth D53, hall 11 at K 2022.

Posted: October 19, 2022

Source: Baldwin Technology Company Inc.