Atlas Introduces Sealed Lamp Technology For The Ci4000 And Ci4400 Weather-Ometer® Instruments

MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. — July 26, 2022 — Atlas has just introduced Sealed Lamps for its Ci4000 and Ci4400 Weather-Ometers®. The unique preassembled design makes the world’s most-advanced weathering instruments even easier to operate and maintain.

The Ci4000 and Ci4400 Weather-Ometers currently use interchangeable glass filters attenuating the xenon light spectrum to closely match light conditions of a product’s end-use environment.

The process of changing filters requires taking apart the lamp assembly, which includes the xenon-arc lamp, inner glass filter, outer glass filter, and associated hardware. It can be quite tedious and offers the potential for human error resulting in lamp or filter breakage or incorrect filter installation.

The new Atlas Sealed Lamp incorporates all assembly elements into a single, factory-sealed unit. The advantages are significant:

  • Simplified installation – just plug and play;
  • No assembly/disassembly errors;
  • Less downtime;
  • Reduced accidental breakage or premature failure due to mishandling;
  • Repeatable test conditions due to minimal handling; and
  • Easy identification of filter combinations and part numbers.

The initial roll-out of the Atlas Sealed Lamp will include the Type S Boro (Inner)/Type S Boro (Outer) and Right Light (Inner)/Quartz (Outer) filter combinations. Each Atlas Sealed Lamp is a direct replacement for its corresponding lamp/filter assembly and includes the same 1,200 light-hour warranty.

Posted: July 26, 2022

Source: Atlas Material Testing Technology