ZIMMER AUSTRIA Presents The New COLARIS.12-2200 Small Production Printer During SGIA Expo

KUFSTEIN, Austria — September 18, 2018 — Running live production on booth!

Featuring the COLARIS.12-2200 Small Production Pigment Inkjet Digital Printer for textiles, carpets, mats and piece goods. The COLARIS.12-2200 is also suitable for acid, disperse, reactive and VAT inks. ZIMMER AUSTRIA offers a wide range of pre- and post-processing systems and equipment like steamer, washer, hot air dryer, infrared fixation.

With the new pigment printing solution, Zimmer Austria completes the portfolio of its available ink classes. With pigment inks, very good light fastness, even in the home textiles market, e.g. for curtains, or decorative articles are achieved. At the same time, outdoor applications are possible, from sun protection to tarpaulins. With the pigment inks (4 or 6 colours) on the Colaris, reliable printing results with brilliant colors, as well as excellent light, friction and wash resistance are delivered.

To cover all application areas and all ink classes, Zimmer Austria uses various circulating inkjet print heads from the Fujifilm Dimatix StarFire™ SG1024 family for its Colaris range. This is particularly important for the pigment, disperse or vat ink classes to ensure reliable production operation. The Colaris models range from compact sample machines up to a 4.2 meter (14 foot) wide system. All models are available in a variety of configurations between four and twelve colors, with a choice between reactive, acid, disperse, pigment or vat inks. Maintenance is easy and print heads are repairable.

Posted September 18, 2018