Advanced Testing Instruments (ATI) Update

GREER, SC — October 4, 2016 — ATI Advanced Testing Instruments update

1609 Martindale

The James Heal abrasion and pilling tester, with the adaptability to test a wide range of applications, is the instrument of choice for many of the world’s leading
laboratories and global retailers. Now with the James Heal touchscreen, the user has access to the most intuitive and simple to use Martindale on the market.

The James Heal Impulse is now available with 4 or 2 chambers with interchangeable impellers and greatly improved sample rotation throughout the test.

The James Heal ThermaPlate can be used for textile laboratories, dyehouses and finishers. The James Heal ThermaPlate offers full flexibility, allowing users to test color fastness, sublimation fastness and thermal stability for all known retailers and international methods in one instrument.

TruBurst – say goodbye to mess oil!
The James Heal TruBurst can measure the bursting strength, distension at burst and the stretch and recovery characteristics of a variety of materials. The TruBurst uses compressed air to inflate the diaphragm with it’s unique design no tolls are required to change the dome or diaphragm.

Posted October 4, 2016

Source: ATI