Italian Textile Machinery Sector Serving Innovation

MILAN, Italy — November 4, 2015 — New video on innovation now on-line: created by Italian Trade Agency, in partnership with ACIMIT, and financed by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development.
The video on textile innovation created by Italian Trade Agency, in partnership with ACIMIT, and financed by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, highlights the strong culture of innovation that distinguishes Italian textile industry. A fabric expresses style, originality, as well as reliability, performance and comfort. All this requires a textile sector that is highly innovative, such as the one which exists in Italy, where the indispensable synergy between textile, chemical and mechanical sectors are all part of a longstanding tradition.
The interviews in the video with Andrea Parodi, President of Texclubtec, and Alberto Paccanelli, President of the technology platform for the Italian textile and clothing industry, confirm that innovative textiles developed for technical applications are fast becoming a significant factor in the production chain in Italy. Italian technical textiles account for EUR 3.5 billion in annual revenue, employing 42,000 people in roughly 800 companies, totalling around 12% of Europe’s textile turnover.
Outside of Italy, technical textiles are also developing quickly, with nearly 30% of textile materials produced designed for technical applications. Expected growth in this sector from now till 2020 is exponential, especially concerning composites and non-wovens.
This growth in the industry’s technical segments is marked by the essential role played by the technology adopted. Machinery are an indispensable partner for creating innovative textiles. For years now, Italy’s textile machinery sector has been committed alongside the most innovative textile manufacturers: over 120 Italian manufacturers produce machinery designed for the production of technical products, with a turnover in Italy for the sale of this specific type of machinery amounting to EUR 400 million, accounting for 15% of total revenues for the Italian textile machinery sector.
At ITMA 2015, visitors will be able to verify how Italian technologies work to provide the textile industry with the most innovative solutions, suited to Italian know-how and design.
The video “Italian Machines Serving the Innovative Textile” is available at the following link
Posted November 10, 2015

Source: ACIMIT