Wells Lamont Industrial Named Glove Supplier For All Fruit Of The Loom Production Facilities

NILES, Ill.— March 2, 2015 — Wells Lamont Industrial announced today that Fruit of the Loom, a global manufacturer of iconic family apparel, athletic apparel and sporting equipment brands, has chosen to equip employees in its production facilities with Wells Lamont gloves starting in 2015. The announcement demonstrates the Fruit of the Loom’s longstanding commitment to exceed high safety standards in its production facilities. Fruit of the Loom President and CEO Rick Medlin was recognized in 2014 by The National Safety Council as one of ten CEOs “Who ‘Get It’” and who demonstrate a personal commitment to worker safety and health. From employee safety training to factory safety assessments, Fruit of the Loom keeps safety top-of-mind. For minimizing injury and protecting employee hands, the company turned to sister company Wells Lamont Industrial.

“As a Berkshire Hathaway company we look to support our sister companies and were thus introduced to Wells Lamont Industrial,” says Wendy Emmitt, Senior Manager of Safety for Fruit of the Loom. “We were so pleased to discover their hand and arm solutions were not only more cost effective, but were of the highest quality in the industry.”

Wells Lamont Industrial is a worldwide leader and US manufacturer of hand and arm protection. With thousands of products ranging from high cut resistance gloves and sleeves, to standard palm dips and liners, Wells Lamont Industrial is able to meet Fruit of the Loom’s various hand protection needs. In addition, its hand and arm solutions are crafted with the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes.

“Whether cutting fabric, welding balancing beams, stitching footballs or handling logistics, we have thousands of employees that require gloves to keep their hands protected,” says Emmitt. “Having the guidance and support to ensure we use the right product for each job is critical and Wells Lamont Industrial has proven to be the right partner in making those decisions.”

Looking for high cut resistance, the company’s first orders were for Wells Lamont Industrial’s Cut-Tec™ Light Weight glove. The cut resistant glove is made from highly engineered composite fiber and Lycra® and provides durability and cut protection without sacrificing tactile sensitivity.  For its distribution center and warehouse, Fruit of the Loom employees use Wells Lamont Industrial’s acclaimed FlexTech™ (Y9287 & Y9277) palm dip gloves.

“We look forward to expanding our hand protection efforts with Wells Lamont Industrial and further increasing employee safety at all our facilities,” says Emmitt.

Posted March 3, 2015

Source: Wells Lamont