Morrison Announces Sales Activity Q4 2013 Through Q1 2014

FORT LAWN, S.C. — March 4, 2014 — The following is a summary of Morrison Textile Machinery’s sales activity for the fourth quarter 2013 and first quarter 2014.

Abateks Tekstil Tic ve San A.S. purchased Morrison’s  36 rope Indigo Rope Dye Range which features SPECTRUM™ Dye Boxes and Mvx Nip assemblies with Centre point dye feed, tri return dye circulation, and composite side covers. Multiple Ball Warpers and ReBeamers were purchased with their denim production package. Ball Warpers feature Smart Stop™/ Smart Lease™ technology to maximize production. ReBeamers include Yarn Sheet Strummer and Reverse Drive Accumulator which increase running efficiency.
GAP Guneydogu Tekstil purchased multiple MDS 450 Ball Warpers and one (1) MDS 550 ReBeamer. Ball Warpers feature a programmable Servo Driven Linear Traverse Drive and ReBeamer includes Yarn Sheet Strummer and Reverse Drive Accumulator.
DNM Textile For Spinning, Weaving and Dyeing added another Morrison MDS 550 Long Chain Beamer.
Atlantic Mills (Thailand) Co. Ltd. has installed Morrison’s Integrated Denim Finishing Range. Range includes; S8 Compressive Shrinking Unit with automatic rubber belt compression control, GrindVAC™ to capture belt by-product when dressing the rubber belt and Morrison On Call (M.O.C.) which is a smart Web-Base remote access device allowing Morrison engineer’s single-click diagnostic access to customer’s machines worldwide.
Guangzhou Chuang Hao Textile will install three (3) Morrison Compressive Shrinking Ranges. Each will be provided with Multi Pass Moisturizer and Automatic Rubber Belt Compression Control.

Ha Meem Denim Ltd. an established denim and garment producer has purchased Morrison’s Interated Denim Finishing Range for added finishing production. This range is the fourth Morrison dyeing/finishing range purchased by Ha Meen since beginning denim production in 2005.
Square Denims Ltd. selected machinery package from Morrison Denim Systems for new denim production facility to be located near Dhaka. Their package includes the following:

  • One (1) 32 rope S250 Indigo Rope Dye Range which includes the newly designed Spectrum Dye Box and Mvx Nip, multiple Dye Steamers and latest FCS Process Controls;
  •  Two (2) Integrated Denim Finishing Ranges which feature S 8 Rubber Belt Unit, AutoGRIND™ and SanforTROL™; and
  • Complementing MDS 450 Ball Warpers with Magazine Creels and MDS 550 ReBeamers to meet their initial production requirements.

Diamond Fabrics Ltd. (Sapphire Group) purchased Morrison’s Rope Indigo Dye Range for their first denim production facility to be located near Lahore. Their 36 rope dye range will include latest applied technologies for the maximum production and process flexibility.  Included with range is Spectrum Dye Box, Mvx Nip, Centre Point Dye Feed/Tri Return Dye Circulation ports, FCS Process Controls and Morrison On Call (MOC) for remote diagnostic machine access.

Posted March 4, 2014

Source: Morrison Textile Machinery