Tuscarora Invests In Saurer Zinser, Autoconer

As part of the modernization of its Oakboro Plant, Oakboro, N.C., specialty yarn spinner Tuscarora
Yarns Inc., Mount Pleasant, N.C., has ordered Zinser Model 351 ring-spinning and Autoconer Model
338V automatic winding machines from Saurer Inc., Charlotte.

According to Saurer, the Canadian and US representative of Switzerland-based Saurer Group,
features of the Zinser ring spinner include: EasySpin, a computer control system; ServoDraft, which
enables yarn count and twist modification; and OptiSuction, an energy-efficient suction system.
Tuscarora Yarns also ordered FancyDraft, an optional effect yarn system for the Zinser machine.

Tuscarora Yarns’ new Autoconer winder comes equipped with the Autotense FX tension control
system, which ensures high package quality, according to Saurer. The Automatic Vacuum Control
suction system and Informator computer control system, which features a PC card drive and touch
screen, are other winder components.

November/December 2006