Bank And Vogue’s Steven Bethell Joins Accelerating Circularity’s Board Of Directors

Steven Bethell

CAMPBELL HALL, N.Y. — August 29, 2022 — Accelerating Circularity is pleased to announce that Steven Bethell of Bank and Vogue has joined the organization’s board of directors. Bethell brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table as a 25 year veteran of the sustainable textile industry, and the founder of a group of companies that specialize in secondhand wholesale, vintage retail, and innovations in sustainable fashion: Bank and Vogue, Beyond Retro, and BVH Services.

Bethell’s parent company, Bank and Vogue, is the largest full-service broker of used goods in North America. The group’s retail arm is Beyond Retro, which is a leading vintage fashion powerhouse in Europe. BVH Services is the group’s innovation hub, which works to spearhead and develop groundbreaking innovations across the fashion field, specifically centered around sustainability.

Bethell and his companies are motivated by the belief that used clothing is not waste but a solution towards addressing the “crisis of stuff,” a core value that aligns exactly with Accelerating Circularity’s mission to “Put textiles to good use.”

“Accelerating Circularity is doing just that. Implementing circular systems to eliminate textile waste with an emphasis on collaboration is what it’s all about. I’m incredibly excited to join Accelerating Circularity as a Board Director and look forward to a promising future for our work, industry, and planet,” Bethell shared.

Bethell joins a board of other influential players of the sustainable apparel industry; Board members include Accelerating Circularity’s founder Karla Magruder as president; Director of Global Business Development Denim and Americas at Lenzing Group, Tricia Carey, as secretary; Head of Product Change at Ikano Bank in Sweden, Edward Denes, as treasurer, as well as Director of Product Sustainability at Gap Inc., Alice Hartley; Chief of Staff at NYC Department of Sanitation Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability, Kate Kitchner; and President and CEO of Coyuchi, Eileen Mockus, as directors.

Each member is a seasoned executive in their respective fields and offers a diverse background of expertise to Accelerating Circularity, including brand experience, post consumer and post industrial fiber, municipal waste, and finance. Bethell’s background in second hand retail will continue to expand this group’s diverse background and further broaden the board’s insight into how the industry problems Accelerating Circularity is aiming to solve can be addressed.

Accelerating Circularity is grateful for the addition of Bethell to the team, and excited about the direction his background will bring to the organization.

Posted: August 29, 2022

Source: Accelerating Circularity