Senior Leadership Team Of Gilford•Johnson Flooring Announced

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. — June 14, 2016 — Scott Roy, president & CEO of Gilford•Johnson Flooring, announced the combined company’s new Senior Leadership Team today to further enhance integration efforts and focus on growing the business going forward.

“I’m very confident that with this strong leadership team we are utilizing the right people to lead within Gilford•Johnson and are now poised to operate one unified company effectively.”

Since he first assumed the position in February, Roy’s time has been dominated by the process of integrating the old Gilford Flooring with Johnson Wholesale Floors. The new Senior Leadership Team allows him to concentrate more on the issues involved in running the business while other Senior Leaders increase their ownership of the integration process.
As part of the changes, Roy, himself, will oversee all of the company’s activities, directing its strategic focus and driving Gilford•Johnson’s growth in its markets. The combined company’s Operations function will report directly to him, as will the members of the Senior Leadership Team.

Melinda McChesney will continue to serve in her position as President, Southeast Division. However, her role has shifted away from day-to-day managerial duties to concentrate on the vital Gartman Conversion. She will also be heavily involved in transitioning the Tarkett/Johnsonite relationship to Rob Purkins and Nik Burdett.

Scott Shanks is confirmed as senior vice president, Finance & Administration. Scott will be responsible for this vital function throughout the company and brings 25 years of experience to the position. Sandra Webb will report directly to Scott as Vice President, Finance, Southeast Division.

Rob Purkins is appointed to the position of senior vice president, Products & Marketing. Rob has years of experience in flooring, leading product management and marketing functions. Jodie Doyle will continue to report to Rob as Vice President, Product Management. Both will relinquish their direct sales supervision responsibilities.

Nik Burdett is appointed to the newly-created position of senior vice president, Sales. A seasoned industry leader, Nik will be responsible for the entire sales team in this role, from Indiana and Ohio down to South Florida. His previous Sales Service responsibilities will move to David Dobbs going forward.

David Dobbs shall be the senior vice president, Sales Service, Purchasing & Inventory. In this position, he will lead the multi- faceted aspects of sales support, from order entry to inventory receiving. All Sales Service Centers will report up through David, as will the Purchasing Department for all products/suppliers. David will also lead Inventory Control and Claims.

Christopher Nelson is appointed to the position of vice president, Strategy & Human Resources. As such, he will lead the Human Resources, Legal and Strategy functions for the combined company.

Posted June 17, 2016

Source: Gilford•Johnson Flooring