Sympatex To Attend Functional Fabric Fair In New York

MUNICH, Germany — July 8, 2024 — Sympatex Technologies, a global supplier of sustainable functional textiles, is excited to announce its participation in the Functional Fabric Fair at the Javits Convention Center, New York, on July 16-17, 2024. This prestigious event, where function meets fashion, is a key platform for showcasing cutting-edge innovations in outdoor, lifestyle, and activewear textiles, footwear, and accessories.

Sympatex, known for its international presence beyond Europe, will have a strong representation at the fair. Kim Scholze, Chief Sales Officer, will play a pivotal role as the moderator of expert talks, bringing valuable insights into sustainable textile solutions. Additionally, Leandra Reisner, Sales Apparel at Sympatex, will present the company’s groundbreaking fiber-to-fiber collection.

Highlights of Sympatex’s Participation:

Expert Talks:

Kim Scholze, CSO, will moderate discussions with industry leaders on sustainability and innovation in functional textiles. “Sustainability and innovation are not just goals but ongoing journeys that shape the future of textiles,” says Kim Scholze.

Fiber-to-Fiber Collection Display:

Leandra Reisner will showcase Sympatex’s innovative fiber-to-fiber laminates, including:

  • Banff F2F AS
  • Banff F2F Spring AS
  • Minzhu F2F Spring AS
  • Minzhu F2F AS
  • Minzhu F2F Sky AS
  • Tokyo F2F AS
  • Tokyo F2F Sky AS
  • Tokyo F2F Spring AS
  • Vitoria F2F AS

Sympatex’s fiber-to-fiber initiative highlights the company’s commitment to true circularity in the textile industry. Developing fiber-to-fiber laminates is a significant challenge due to the complexities involved in recycling and reprocessing materials without compromising on performance or quality. By overcoming these challenges, Sympatex has established itself as a leader in sustainable innovation. This commitment is further underscored by the company’s ongoing efforts to advance a circular economy, which is the only viable path to sustainable textile production.

To further support this mission, Sympatex will be launching the Circular Design Lab in the fall, in collaboration with Performance Days, the European counterpart of the Functional Fabric Fair. This program aims to drive forward sustainable practices in design across the industry, reinforcing the necessity and benefits of circularity.

“Our fiber-to-fiber laminates represent the pinnacle of eco-friendly design, merging performance with sustainability,” says Leanda Reisner.

Posted: July 8, 2024

Source: Sympatex Technologies GmbH