Precision Textiles Garners Attention At ISPA Expo With Launch Of Products

FARIFIELD, N.J. — April 8,2024 — Precision Textiles successfully exhibited at the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) Expo in March. The company captivated attendees by introducing four cutting-edge technologies, which garnered attention from attendees for their commitment to advancing Fire Retardant (FR) solutions to the sleep products industry.

With a focus on innovation and quality the company’s newest products stood out for their superior performance and potential to reshape the future of sleep technology.

Among the highlights of the company’s exhibition was the introduction of IQFIT Flex, a patented FR material known for its ability to better maintain mattress comfort and enhance sleep performance in mattress designs. This versatile material can be transformed into a variety of FR solution products, including traditional FR socks, open width format for laminating to mattress fabrics, or with the company’s patent pending IQFIT Glass Free NOSO Sock. The NOSO Sock garnered additional attention for its ability to streamline the assembly process, reduce costs and increase throughput by eliminating the need for traditional sewing, stapling or gluing techniques.

IQFIT Comfort also made its inaugural debut. This specially engineered FR inherent textile was designed for use by both mattress manufacturers and cut and sew cover suppliers and is perfectly positioned toward the promotional, residential and hospitality markets.

Building on its partnership with REPREVE® the company also showcased its ENDURE IFR and ADVANTAGE SB non-woven products. Every 100-yard roll of these products includes REPREVE recycled performance fiber that is made from 228 recycled water bottles. As a result, Precision Textiles will eliminate more than 20 million plastic water bottles from waste streams on an annual basis.

Attendees at the Expo were visibly impressed by the company’s pioneering use of REPREVE in its nonwoven products and its environmentally conscious implications.

The enthusiastic response from attendees reaffirmed the company’s position as an industry leader committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance comfort, safety and sustainability in the sleep products market. Company experts engaged with attendees through interactive demonstrations and informative presentations including showcasing the company’s PRESERVING the PLANET corporate initiative and video.

“Mattress producers attend ISPA EXPO to learn about new products, gather new ideas and connect with people,” said Scott Tesser, CEO of Precision Textiles. “We saw a robust flow of traffic through our booth including a steady stream of high-caliber executives who were eager to hear about our offerings and were impressed with our products and the solutions they offer. Being lauded for our dedication to pushing the boundaries of textile engineering is rewarding for our team. It cements our reputation as a trusted innovator and pioneer in the industry.”

Posted April 8, 2024

Source: Precision Textiles