Workwear Range Made By Freudenberg: Optimal Protection And Maximum Flexibility For Workwear

WEINHEIM, Germany — August 3, 2021 — Freudenberg Performance Materials offers a range of highly efficient interlinings, tapes and thermal insulation materials for workwear and protective clothing. The materials not only withstand diverse kinds of strain they are exposed to in everyday work and washing procedures but also offer excellent comfort.

Whether donned for work on the construction site or as a uniform, whether worn in cold working environments or in those where higher protection is needed — the requirements workwear has to meet are manifold. Workwear not only has to survive frequent washing at often high temperatures, but also has to be flame retardant or heat insulating, depending on the job it is used for. With its Workwear Range, Freudenberg now offers suitable solutions for a lot of professions world-wide.

Innovative materials and manufacturing technology

The nonwoven and woven interlinings and tapes stand out due to a number of special features, such as increased stability, elasticity, abrasion resistance and wind-blocking properties. Thanks to the sophisticated adhesive technology used by the globally leading manufacturer of technical textiles, some products are especially resistant and durable.

Highly flexible and resilient interlinings as well as Freudenberg comfortemp® thermal insulation materials are used for protective clothing, and they do not only protect the wearer from danger but also ensure the wearer’s comfort in any kind of weather. Furthermore, hem and edge stabilization tapes ensure optimal fit and reflective tapes provide additional safety.

Wherever uncompromising protection is required, flame-retardant thermal insulation materials achieve the best results and reliably protect the wearer against fire and scorching heat.

Innovative interlinings that resist even extreme cleaning procedures at high temperatures ensure the long-term optimal fit of uniforms and corporate wear.

Active contribution to sustainability

People working in all those different jobs are not only optimally equipped with clothing containing components of the Workwear Range — they also contribute to more sustainability: Many products of the Freudenberg Workwear Range consist of a high percentage of recycled polyester coming from post-consumer PET bottles.

Posted August 3, 2021

Source: Freudenberg