New 3-Millimeter Latex Layer Empowered By Biocrystal® Technology Introduced

RIJEKA, Croatia — August 17, 2021 — Great news is coming from the world of Biocrystal® innovations! The 3 millimeter (mm) latex layer empowered by Biocrystal has officially launched, and it is intended for bedding and all other manufacturers who want to be one step ahead and apply the globally recognized solutions to their products.

The latex layer width is 157 centimeters, its thickness is 3 mm, and its weight is 680 grams per square meter. It consists of a few primary materials and components: viscose, latex, and the essential Biocrystal powder. Carefully designed technical characteristics open up unique opportunities for current and new manufacturers and allow customers to enjoy the Biocrystal benefits in entirely new ways.

Crystal clear vision and countless implementation possibilities

Over the years, extensive research and testing were conducted to confirm the exact amount and ratio of crystals in textiles to affect the human organism unquestionably. The latex layer is specific in having a more significant amount of crystals on a smaller product surface, making it suitable for implementation into car seats, office chairs, eye masks, insoles, elements used in the aviation industry and the like.

“The ultimate latex layer was created with a specific aim in mind — to provide people with an anti-stress experience that would not require any additional efforts in an already busy daily schedule. The clinically proven formula is confirmed to have a relaxing and anti-stress effect on users, without any side effects or contraindications. In addition, using products empowered by Biocrystal, one can overcome sleepless nights and achieve the highest level of performance in all areas of life; be more productive and finally experience proper rest.” said Zlatko Karajić, managing director of BC Tech company.

Cost-effective for manufactures, affordable for customers

Combining natural resources with wonders of technology has many benefits. From the very beginning, Biocyrstal is mainly used for implementation into bedding products such as mattresses, pillows and toppers — as their inner sewn layer, placed together with other layers. In the form of a powder, it is often incorporated into foams and many everyday use products, bringing an added value of high importance.

Constant efforts have been made to keep this innovative technology simple, cost-effective, and easy to implement. For instance, BC Tech successfully partnered with manufacturers of yoga mats and beauty products such as eye masks. Besides that, some collaborations have led to designing products intended for the well-being of animals since Biocrystal is beneficial for all living beings. Over time, this ultimate technology became a must-have component that goes beyond comfort, enabling a stress-relieving experience for numerous users.

Challenging times call for innovative reflections

“Although the bedding and textile industries are our primary market branches, exchanging ideas with some other inventive entrepreneurs led us to some new insights! Besides, the ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19, causing a whole new set of difficulties, further encouraged us to keep searching for solutions that would adequately respond to the ever-growing need for stress relief,” said Vesna Pavletić, CEO and founder of BC Tech.

Scientifically certified and 100% natural solution

The very core of this ultimate technology is an optimal combination of natural crystals – diligently chosen, ground, and mixed in the form of a powder, proven to provide a strong anti-stress effect regardless of age, gender, health and physical condition. Researches conducted at European institutes undoubtedly confirmed that Biocrystal positively affects many physiological parameters such as heart rate, breathing and muscle tension, thus enabling a deep rest state of body and mind while relaxing or sleeping.

In the last decade, Biocrystal innovators have received some prestigious awards that confirmed the continuous progress and further encouraged their efforts to provide customers with entirely natural solutions. Their brand ambassadors confirmed it best, as well as numerous positive recommendations from satisfied customers worldwide. Biocrystal remains consistent in delivering efficient solutions for one of the modern era’s most significant challenges -stress relief, thus justifying all current and future accomplishments!

Posted August 17, 2021

Source: Biocrystal®