Polyfab Usa Announces Extra-Wide Patternpro™ For Marine And Awning Patterning

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. — October 20, 2020 — Polyfab USA is pleased to announce that they will soon be adding to their line of Patternpro™ Ultra Stable Patterning Fabric.  Patternpro is clear HDPE woven scrim and coated on both sides. It is ideal for marine canvas and awning patterning, and popular with fabricators in Australia because of its stability and good ‘lay-flat’ properties.

The Patternpro will resist wind and water on the job, and the patterns made from the high-quality woven/coated Patternpro can be stored for future use for recovers!

Currently available in 2-meter-wide (78.7-inch-wide) style, Polyfab USA will soon be receiving the first shipment worldwide of new 4-meter-wide (157-inch-wide) rolls! The 4-meter-wide fabric will be center-folded for ease of shipping and storage. Expected delivery to California is late 2020.

Note that the NEW 4-meter-wide goods are made “full-width”, not welded or seamed!

Patternpro is made from virgin-grade HDPE, and is 165 grams per square meter weight (4.87 ounces per square yard), the scrim is a full 10 x 10 per square inches, and the rolls are 50 meters (55 yards) long, rolled on paper cores.

Patternpro is available from any of the Polyfab USA distributors in the Western Hemisphere.  Be sure to ask your Polyfab distributor to get their order in soon, before the first shipment is sold out!

Fabricators can request sales flyers from their local distributor.

Posted October 21, 2020

Source: Polyfab USA